Ferdinand Kidd was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1986. He has a masters degree in Visual Art from Stellenbosch University and is a fellow of Salem Art Works, NY, USA.

He has taught at Stellenbosch University and the College of Cape Town and exhibits regularly in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

His work includes paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Somewhere between the concepts of the sublime, surreality, dystopia, the archetype, and the collective and individual unconscious, I find myself drawing from different levels of experience. My subjects are often dislocated from the real and therefore take on a new or other character. Through transcending mimesis, this transformation yields a gestalt. This new subject/object provides me with an aesthetic arena wherein I can create a dream-world of contemporary and iconic archetypes. Most of the objects (once monumental constructs of a modern utopia) now occupy uninhabited spaces and are charged with nostalgia. My work is about an existential pathos in a contemporary world that carries potent traces of the grand modernist constructs.